The Yeshiva views the return to Zion as a supreme value and feels obligated to take part in the national responsibility to contribute to Israeli society. Therefore, the Yeshiva’s students combine IDF service with their Torah study as part of the Hesder program adopted by many Zionist yeshivot.Students and graduates of the Yeshiva serve as soldiers and commanders in the various units of the Israel Defense Force.

Due to the great importance of IDF service, the rabbis at the Yeshiva maintain their relationships with the students during their military service. Rabbi Chanaya Rechel, a teacher at the Yeshiva, is responsible for staying in contact with the soldiers while they fulfill their national responsibility.

Oz Hoffman – Soldier in the Marine Corps

I studied at the Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva for three years, after which I enlisted in the Marine Corps through the Hesder program.

My studies and experience at the Yeshiva gave me the ability to find a common language with people and stay focused with true Zionist ideals in mind. Essentially, the Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva was the best preparation I could have in order to significantly contribute in the IDF – alongside soldiers from the entire spectrum of Israeli society.

Ori Hamo – Soldier and Commander in the Givati Brigade

It all started four years ago, when I began studying at the Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva.
For the first time, I felt that I had reached a place that was unique, family-like, happy, vibrant and serious. I decided that this was the place I wanted to study. During the first two years that I studied at the Yeshiva, I absorbed the values that the Yeshiva teaches and imparts to its students. During this period, I also met my wife and we had a son.

Three months later, I decided to enlist in the Givati Brigade. Although we had hesitations about this step, Rabbi Rechel encouraged us and gave us the tools and the strength to deal with this big step forward. In the army, I took a commanders’ course and served as commander of classes of new recruits. The Yeshiva was like my generator, a place I could connect to from time to time and recharge my batteries – receiving strength that I passed onward to my friends and the soldiers I trained. The connection to the Yeshiva was also important for me on Shabbat, with its special prayer services, on the holidays, and when I was able to reconnect with the rabbis.

We celebrated the circumcision of our second son, who was born during my military service, at the Yeshiva too, with the students and rabbis…

For me, the Yeshiva is like a candle showing us the way and illuminating our path as we progress. We are so happy to have been privileged to be part of this great endeavor that is called the Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva!