The moving transition from child to young adult is an exciting occasion for the Bar Mitzva boy and his family, regardless of affiliation, for both Jews in Israel and abroad. The Ramat Hasharon Hesder Yeshiva has built a unique and comprehensive program that prepares the young man and his family for the experience of becoming a responsible Jewish adult. During the program, the young man and his family undergo an emotional and enriching journey with their instructor from the Yeshiva.

The study program in preparation for the Bar Mitzva is 12-14 sessions, during which the beauty of Judaism is exposed. The pinnacle of the study process is the special and exciting ceremony of ascending to read from the Torah, which takes place at the Yeshiva itself, in attendance of the Yeshiva students and the rabbis. The weekday ceremony is spontaneously and authentically accompanied by musical instruments and dancing by the Yeshiva students.

To date, hundreds of Bar Mitzva boys have undergone the Yeshiva’s program and thousands of family members have enjoyed the unforgettable experience of welcoming their son into the mature Jewish world.