Limor and Yaniv Cahanovitz

Koren Cahanovitz’s aliyah to the Torah at the Yeshiva in Ramat Hasharon was an exciting and emotional experience. The ceremony was accompanied by singing and musical instruments played by the Yeshiva students. The entire synagogue was filled with an atmosphere of joy and holiness.
Koren’s experience studying with David Heller to learn how to read from the Torah was extraordinary. Beyond studying the verses, Koren was exposed to the beauty of the Torah, its customs and the commandments of Judaism. The way they studied was both professional and interesting, leaving Koren anticipating his lessons with David.
We were very satisfied and we warmly recommend the program.

The Almog family

About a year ago, our oldest son Omer reached the age of thirteen. We were very unsure how to provide him with an experience that would be both enjoyable, interesting and give him a chance to experience the values of Judaism. Since we are a secular family, the choice of the Reishit community’s program was not a given for us. When our second son, Maor, turned thirteen, there was no doubt in our minds and it was clear that we would again contact the Reishit community. The second time around as well, the Bar Mitzva lessons were taught with dedication, genuine care and went beyond simply studying the verses themselves. We are very happy that we made the correct choice and provided both of our sons with a special experience that gave them the opportunity to learn and acquire Jewish values, while leaving them interested in hearing more…

The Navon family

We thank you for the time you dedicated to the Bar Mitzva lessons with our son, Dor – for the patience, care and attention to the smallest details. A special thanks to the wonderful Yeshiva students for their immense joy that they shared with us on the day of the Bar Mitzva.